Myridas Encyclopedia

Terms listed in alphabetical order.

Blackfire A difficult to master spell, it conjures a magical flame that burns and consumes all matter that it touches, even consuming and absorbing light particles, hence its black appearance. A single candle sized flame of Blackfire is powerful enough to burn an entire oak tree in seconds, a small measure of its immense power, and as such the use of this magic is heavily frowned upon by the Geni Order, and it is banned from being taught by order of the Geni Council.
Dragonkin Dragonkin, also called Half-Dragons, are a Mephian race that has the ability to transform from a human-like appearance to that of a fearsome bipedal dragon form. Known for their incredible strength, reflexes, and speed, they are some of the most effective warriors known, second only to that of a Master Geni. On average, a Dragonkin can live for as much as 800 years, and generally keep to themselves for much of that time.
Geni Geni are a form of mage in the world of Myridas who use powerful magic to conjure and manipulate elemental spells. While some magic does create the spell from power alone, most elements need to draw their power from the world around the user. For instance, a wall of water spell would pull the needed water from the water molecules in the air, a sword of fire is concentrated pyro kinetic energy generated by friction of the air molecules, and healing spells take the natural ability of the body to heal and simply accelerate its ability to respond to an injury. In practice, Geni are pacifists and will often be used as unbiased outsiders for the purposes of negotiations between nations, businesses, as advisors, or other forms of consultation. Otherwise, the Geni Order historically only oversaw its own capital city of Var, and would stay neutral in most of the world’s conflicts unless intervention became necessary.
Gevi Translating literally as “Fate”, the Gevi are known as the Fates, guiding omniscient beings who watch over and guide the people of Myridas to their various destinies. According to some beliefs, the Gevi themselves are also considered to be the creators of the world and all who inhabit it.
Gevimett Gevimett, or Fateless as they are sometimes called, are individuals whose fates are not being guided by the Gevi, and as such they have no predetermined destiny. As a result, their lack of a fate makes them something of a destiny twisting maelstrom, pulling and manipulating the fates of those around them in sometimes unpredictable ways, which will sometimes result in giving the Gevimett access to a form of magic differing from that of the Geni, allowing them to perform various forms of spells enhancing their physical strength, speed, and allowing for minimal defensive barrier spells. Historically, beings like this are exceedingly rare, and usually only appear once every thousand or so years, and most who do appear don’t ever learn the nature of what they are.
J’Kal The most human in appearance, the J’Kal are nearly indistinguishable from humans at a glance, typically not showing their non-human traits until much later into their lives, typically with their ears becoming slightly more pointed over the course of a few hundred years. Like most other Mephian races, J’Kal are known for their long lifespans, and can live to be as old as 600 years old on average, though some may live even longer. J’Kal are also one of the most outgoing of the Mephian races, and is heavily integrated in with human populations, though they seldom are open about what they are due to the jealousy and racism that sometimes comes from humans.
J’Kallian Language A largely forgotten language practiced almost exclusively by the J’Kal, it is one of the oldest languages in Myridas, and its near musical phonetic structure is said to carry power with every syllable if used by one who is enlightened in the old ways. While no one really knows what this power is, or where it comes from, there is no doubt that it is tied closely with the ancient magics that once gave birth to the world and all it encompasses.
Mephian Mephian is a term used to describe the non-human races of Myridas, many of which appearing to be highly evolved humanoid versions of various animals, though some races, such as the J’Kal, are near indistinguishable from normal humans. Unlike humans, most Mephian races have significantly longer lifespans than the average human, some living as much as 2 to 6 times as long as their human counterparts.
Mephian Language Mephian Language is the common tongue shared by most Mephian races, and is the second most common language in the world, and is often used in conjunction with the religions surrounding the Gevi.
Myridan Calandar The yearly calendar for Myridan years is centered on the events of the Shadowmist War, and as such is dated according to pre and post war. Everything from before the war is dated as A.O. or Ancient Order, and with the founding of the New Geni Order following the war, a new calendar was adopted using the N.O. or New Order system. As of the beginning of Book 1: The Fall of Var, the year is 1212 N.O., and the 3rd book: Daughter of Light takes place roughly 2 years later in 1214 N.O.
Myridas Myridas is the name of the world in which The Black Dawn Wars story takes place. Created by the Gevi thousands of years ago, the Gevi now watch over its inhabitants.
Shadowknight Similar in many ways to Shadowmists, the Shadowknights are just as brutal and devastatingly strong, as well as share the same invulnerabilities, but also have the ability to transform their body’s physical appearance to any shape the desire, often sprouting wings in order to fly. Unlike the Shadowmists, Shadowknights are much more proficient with their use of magic, and can easily match a skilled Geni Master in battle.
Shadowmist A creature of manifested darkness, it appears as a solid black form, and can emerge or hide in shadows with little effort, these creatures are nearly indestructible, with no known way in which to kill them entirely. They also have the ability to manipulate the shapes of their hands to form savage claws with which they use to maim and kill their victims, but also have some limited use of various Geni magics. In the Shadowmist War, these creatures rampaged across the world for nearly a century, razing the world in fire, death, and destruction, until their eventual defeat and imprisonment at the hands of Alvios Sentepitus and her followers. Following this defeat, Shadowmists were thought to be long gone until their eventual return several millennia later when it was discovered that the Seals used to imprison them were broken.
The Shadowmist War The most destructive war in Myridan history, The Shadowmist War spanned the better part of nearly a century, and resulted in the destruction of much of the world beginning 2708 A.O., and lasting nearly 97 years until the Shadowmists were eventually beaten back by Alvios Sentepitus, known to many as The Queen of the Light, who used her Geni magic to fight back against the dark creatures and eventually sacrificed her life to seal the creatures away from the world. Among her followers, only a handful survived the final battle, the rest were lost in the battle. When the dust settled, only Alvios’ body could be found in a nearly untouched but lifeless state. The nature of how the Shadowmists were sealed, the magic used in particular, was lost when Alvios died.
Sieron Sieron are a form of Mephian that appear as 3-4 foot tall humanoid cats. While not known for their strength, they are still stronger than most humans of similar sizes, but are more commonly known for their speed and agility. Very few Sieron are seen traveling in the world, as most tend to stay in their home villages in the Jorn Forests, but there are those who tend to go out and seek adventure. On average, Sieron live to be around 300 years old.
Tainted Ones The origins of the Tainted Ones is largely shrouded in mystery, but it is known that their origins date back to long before even the formation of Myridas itself, and as such they are one of the most ancient living beings known. They have a wide array of magical abilities similar to Geni, but are much more powerful on average to your typical Geni mage, and seem to prefer the use of the more destructive spells, such as Blackfire.
T’Kora Much like the Sieron, the T’Kora have very similar cat-like appearances, but on average are markedly shorter, and also have shorter lifespans at about 150-200 years. Due to their small stature, they’re not known for being very strong, or fast, but they have a remarkable aptitude for learning new skills, and are very adept at going unnoticed. The T’Kora also have a very high chance of being able to become Geni, much more than most other races.